Sarah & Dave’s wedding party at Cottrell Park

Another fantastic wedding party that we had to celebrate the wedding of Sarah and Dave at the wonderful Cottrell Park golf club in St Nicholas, Cardiff.
There were many friends there from all around the UK and it was great to see so many of them having fun in our booth.

The bride and groom were 1st in and soon everyone else followed. The guests loved the fact that they could have their photographs places into key rings and fridge magnets to keep as a souvenir
of this happy day.

Best wishes to the bride and groom and I hope you have a fabulous honeymoon in the US

Cottrell Park

Cottrell Park

Cottrell Park

Cottrell Park

Cottrell Park

Cottrell Park of this happy day.

Janet & Michael’s wedding party at the King Arthur Hotel

Wow – what a fantastic night all of the guests had to celebrate the wedding of Janet and Michael from The Somethings band at the wonderful King Arthur Hotel in Reynoldston.

The place was rocking with live music all night and a great DJ.

It was nice for us to see so many familiar faces at this wedding.

Congratulations to you both20140905215307








Sarah and Matthew’s wedding at Manor Park, Clydach

What a fantastic night everyone had to celebrate the wedding of Sarah and Matthew.
The guests loved the booth and were we very busy all night.

The staff at the Manor Park are great and really help make the party for all of the guests20140912195748